Android 10 Go is a faster and more secure update to Google’s lightweight OS

Android 10 Go Edition Announced

Android 10 Os officially started rolling out three weeks ago. Although it’s slowly making its way to flagship smartphones. Google has also announced today about the Android 10 (Go Edition) for entry-level devices is more secure. It is worth noting that it succeeded Android 9 Pie Go from last year. In Android 9 Pie Go drawing apps faster and reducing load times and also enhancement in security.

If you have forgotten about Google’s Android Go, well, here’s a quick guide. It’s a lightweight version of Android Os that’s optimized to run efficiently on low-end smartphones. i.e.; with 1.5 GB of RAM or less. Android 10 Google Go Edition is the newest, more efficient update to this platform, and here it is in Google’s own words, “With Google’ Android 10 (Go edition), we’ve made Android, even more, faster and more secure.” The most crucial upgrade has to be the speed and reliability of the device.

Android 10 (GO)

Google also states that app launch time on Android 10 Go Edition have improved as compared to Android 9 (Go). It is now more memory-efficient, and you’d be able to notice a slight difference while multi-tasking. Another critical and necessary upgrade is device encryption. The Android 10 (Go Edition) is more secure than the previous build.

The official Google press release states that company is using a new form of encryption, Adiantum (don’t get confused with Adamantium and the Wolverine), designed especially for entry-level phones. It will provide entry-level phones with the same level of security as a high-end Android phone. However, utilizing fewer resources than before.

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Android 10 Go Edition will be packed with Google’s new Go app. The company has been rolling out several new features for its Go apps, improving the experience and usability over the past year. Now you’ll have Files Go (with file sharing), Gallery Go (less than 10 MB in size), Google Go (with AI text narration), Maps Go, YouTube Go, and several other Go-optimized apps from the third-party developers.

The suitable release of Android 10 Go confirms Google’s commitment to the lower-end smartphones, which has gotten a new tenure of life with this highly optimized lightweight Android platform. Google boasts that “over 500 manufacturers have launched more than 1,600 Android (Go edition) devices” in the past year, with $27 being the most affordable price tag.

The figures say a lot about the smartphone market, which is still witnessing an influx of first-time users. Google says that Android 10 Go Edition-backed phones will launch later this fall, so stay tuned for more updates. Ready for Redmi Go 2?

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